The Vines

The Grapes of Katya Vineyards are the new, California style hybrids created just for this climate!

We believe the new California grape hybrids, created just for this sub-tropical environment, greatly enhance our wine quality in blends and as a stand-alone varietal.

Our Blanc du Bois grapes are exceptionally versatile. This is a delicate white bunch-grape varietal with a floral/apricot/peach nose. This is complemented by the complex flavor/mouth-feel ranging from spicy apple and pear to a hint of mandarin orange. Blanc du Bois can produce a wide range of of product from sweet, semi-sweet to dry wine. Mimicking flavor profiles from Pinot Gris to Sauvignon Blanc.

Our Lenoir grapes are just as versatile. Lenoir is also bunch-grape, bold and deep in red color. They have a complex flavor ranging from dark cherry and blackberry to spice and pepper finishing with a hint of grapefruit/orange. Lenoir can be excellent as a sweet, semi-sweet, even a rose product as well as a and dry ‘amarone style’ wine.