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Alongside our own premium wines we offer other ‘small lot’ boutique wines from around the world, Craft American Beers, Hand Crafted Cheeses and Charcuterie.

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Katya – Blanc du Bois Estate Grape
Our flagship white blend. Light gold in hue; apricot forward on the nose. The wine opens on the front palate with golden peach, followed on the mid-palate with apricot, rose, melon and passion fruit, and finally produces a long ending with citrus/kumquat to herbal flourishes. 

Katya was named after the daughter of our wine maker, Katherine. Her slavic nickname is Katya, meaning pure.

Alexandra – Blanc du Bois Estate Grape
Deep gold in color with a nose if light citrus and mineral. Taste begins with a distinct forward of mineral on the front palate followed by apple, citrus, pepper and smoke on the mid to back palate and finally trailing to herbal notes. 

Alexandra was also named for the daughter of the wine maker, this is her middle name. As a little baby she was often referred to at Katherine Alexandra the Great. This title often still rings true! 


Mikhail – Lenoir Estate Grape
Dark ruby in the glass with berry and vanilla to greet the nose. The taste, a light expression of vanilla, plum and berries on the front and mid-palate, finishing with a clean hint of herbs at the end. 

The name of Mikahil refers to the famous dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. Katya was a classical ballet dancer before entering the wine business with her father and mother!

Nikolai – Lenoir Estate Grape
Our deepest, garnet red. Strong stone fruit and earth on the nose. Taste of foundational currants, and berries on the front palate followed by a long finish hinting at dark chocolate. 

Nikolai is named for the only Sokol Grandson, Nikolai Douglas Sokol. At a mighty four years of age, Neeks the Cheeks is the ‘real’ boss! 


Amarone della Valpolicella 
A deep red wine. Crated from the Valpolicella grapes of Verona, Italy; Corvina, Rondinella & Molinara. The grapes are dried for 120 days until they reach just 40% remaining moisture. They are then pressed and fermented before being cask aged for a minimum of two years. This process allows the grapes to develop rich flavors of dark cherry, black fig, plum, chocolate, molasses and crushed earth. This Amarone could easily “cellar” for an additional 20 years, mellowing to a silk, port-like finish. 

Chateau Guibot 2009
The Chateau Guibot Winery lovingly cares for a small vineyard located in St. Emilion, Bordeaux, France. This very limited production Bordeaux blend is commonly described to have powerful tannins. Deep flavors include plum and black currant. We have the last of the production year for this particular wine. It is just now beginning to ‘open’ for your enjoyment and consumption and will continue to do so for the next three to five years. 

Domain Excelcio Maroc 2011
A blend of 60% Syrah and 40% Grenache, Domain Excelcio is a very small French vineyard of only 12 acres located just above Casablanca, Guerrouana, Morroco. The family takes advantage of the wonderful soil and salinity of the ocean coastline. The Succulent flavors include deep red fruits with a saline, earthy finish. 

Valpolicella Ripasso
A “Baby Amarone” also from Verona, Italy. Made with the partially dried Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grape skins and lees left over from the fermentation of the Amarone. Ripasso wines are rich, full-bodied and share a lighter version of the aroma and flavor profiles as the Aramone wine.  

Cabernet Franc Serres Rouge 2016
From France’s Loir Valley, this cab franc’s aromas include violet flowers and earth all backed by delicious black fruit flavors of plum and cassis.

Colline d’Assignan AOP Saint-Chinian Rouge 2013
Blend of 50% Grenache, 30% Syrah and 20% Carignan. Flavor notes begin with cherry and blueberry followed quickly by pepper, olive and juniper. Tannins are very much present as all the aromas are an expression of the high atltitude and the sand stone terrior of the vineyard.

Cotes Du Château, Féret-Lambert, Grand Vin de Bordeaux/Bordeaux Supérieur. 2011
This wood aged Merlot blend of 90% is the second wine from Féret-Lambert. A rose petal bouquet with white pepper. Balanced, elegant, pleasingly plump and youthful on the palate. Ripe black fruits, cherries, unsweetened chocolate finished with oak and spice.

Rose´ & White

Chateau Saint Pierre de Mejans Rosé
A classic rosé. The blend of Cinsaut & Grenache provide a fresh fruit and lively raspberry palate with a crips finish. This is a beautifully nuanced wine which shows the flavor profile of the Lubron region, located between Rhone and Provence.

Domaine de Régusse Vionier Vin de Pays des Alpes de Haute Provence Viognier 2015
A classic from a small vineyard producing aromatic wines with pronounced stone fruit flavors of apricot with steal. This particular Viognier has a strong herbal profile that is softened by notes of honey.

Domaine Phillipe Goulley, Appellation Chablis Controlée, 2014, Bourgogne, France
From a small vineyard located on the best hills of the Chablis Application, excursively in the village of La Chapelle Vaupelteigne. This Chardonnay is a pale gold with a nose of red apple and pineapple. The palate has a flint minerality with depth in toasted almond that comes from aging on the lees.

Dependable Grillo Terre Sicilliene 2015 
A full bodied white from Sicily. Bright in color with refreshing notes of citrus and bright apple. A perfect summer sipping wine. 

Sweeter Wines

Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato D’Asti
This sweet, fragrant, lightly sparkling wine has vivid aromas and flavors of peach, apricot, grapefruit and sage on a light body with a delicate finish typical of Moscato d’Asti. Recently rated 91 points out of 100, a score never before received by a Moscato D’Asti!

Domaine de Joy St. Andre
Light gold in color, the Joy St. Andre opens on the nose with peach and apricot mingled with over exotic  fruits, think mango and pineapple. The taste is fresh, sweet and nicely balanced with a lingering yet clean finish. 

Domaine de Joy Floc-de-Gascogne
A blend of Armagnacasise, Colombard, Gros Manseng and Ugni Blanc grapes this aromatic wine includes accents of white flowers, pear, and beeswax. At 17% alcohol this is the perfect after dinner wine to enjoy.

Terre Dei Roveri Dolce Rosso
Officially listed as a ‘rare red blend’ from Piedmont in North West Italy. The term ‘rare red blend’ is used to describe red wines made from unusual are rarely seen combinations of grape varieties. This a sweet red, very fruit forward in flavor with a hint of effervescence.

Darwin Brewing Company – Bradenton, FL

Pirata Pils 
An authentic German Pilsner, brewed with Noble Hops from Bavaria. Translucent gold in the glass, the aroma is led by the pilsner malt. Light fresh bread note with gentle hops. Crisp and refreshing, the light body has a dry finish.

Circa 1926
Refreshing American wheat ale with orange, coriander and citra spices. Tasting notes of light tangerine and orange make this the perfect Florida beer. 

Ciderboys, Wisconsin
Grand Mimosa 5%
Perfect for brunch! Apricot in color with aromas notes of peach, apricot, orange and champagne. The flavor tart with sprightly orange, peach and a strong sweetness.

Left Hand Brewing – Longmont, CO

Saison aux Bais Ameres
Dry and crisp franehouse-style ale with a beautiful amber rose hue. Mild tartness from the indigenous Colorado Chokecherry lends a bitter sweet accent to this over all refreshing summer saison. 

Introvert Session IPA
This copper colored IPA has a strong forward nose of citrus hops, however it is light & approachable. Hop aromas of papaya & kiwi with woodsy pine are balanced by honey malt and a clean bitter


Slim Pickins Cider, Florida & Sweden
Ananas Pineapple Cider 6%
Hazy gold with aromas of pineapple, tart citrus juice & light green apple base. Flavor is sweet juicy pineapple balanced by citric acidity, a tart and bright finish. Crisp, semi-dry, fairly light body. Easily could become a guilty pleasure.

Bells Brewing – Comstock, MI
Oarsman Sour Ale
Tart and refreshing, this sessionable, bright wheat ale exudes citrus and lemon aromas from Cascade hops. This ale trades sour intensity for finesse. 

Lord Hobo Brewing Company – Woburn, MA
Boom Sauce IPA 7.8%
A golden, slightly hazy Indian Pale Ale served in a 1 Pint can. Aromas of tropical fruit, pine and sweet malt translate to the palate with an added citrus note.

Sandy Creek – Goat Lady Dairy
Sandy Creek is an ash and mold ripened cheese with a distinctive layer of ash through the center representing the historic stream that flows by our farm. The ash changes the acidity of the surface of the cheese encouraging the growth of a unique mold rind with bright & grassy flavors.

SeaHive, Beehive Cheese 
Made from the milk of Jersey cows in North Utah, this is a full bodied cheese with a smooth creamy texture. Hand rubbed with wildflower honey harvested from a local farm & RealSalt of an ancient sea bed in Utah with over 50 natural trace minerals. 

Fromagerie Guilloteau, France
Saint Angle Triple Creme
A Luxurious triple-creme brie, plump and pillow-like, enrobed with a white rind. Texture of chilled, whipped butter, the flavor notes are of rich butter as well with the perfect amount of salt, earth and white mushroom.

Van Kaas – Netherlands
Gouda, Special Reserve Extra Aged
A pasteurized cows milk cheese this aged Gouda has a light golden color and firm texture. Rich brown butter notes are followed by salt and walnut. A perfect cheese to compliment a variety of wines.

Barely Buzzed, Beehive Cheese 
A unique full bodied cheese, made from the milk of jersey cows in North Utah. Hand rubbed with espresso and lavender the smooth creamy textured cheese has butterscotch and caramel flavor notes. 

FireFly Farms, Maryland
Black and Blue 
Deeply marbled with a luscious and creamy interior. This blue cheese is evenly salted with a pleasant sharpness, traditional blue piquancy and a surprising slightly sweet finish.  Beautiful in appearance and flavor made with 100% goat’s milk which lends to the subtle tang.

Duck Prosciutto, Spotted Trotter 
If there is such a thing as over indulgence, this might be it! A sweet rim of succulent fat encases the dark ruby, deeply flavored meat. Salty, with a delicate game taste this is described as on the richest tastes you will experience.

Felino, Creminelli Fine Meats 
Felino is the most ancient salami recipe on record. It is the sister to Prosciutto di Parma because it is anciently and often still today made of the prized trimmings of the prosciutto before it is salted. Tasting notes of rich pork, pepper and nutmeg. 

Nostrano, Fra’ Mani Meats 
Meaning “our own”. A unique take on the classic Northern Italian style. Light in color, the coarsely ground meat is soft, mild and sweet. Seasoned simply with sea salt, cracked black pepper, garlic and white wine. 2015 Good Food Award Winner

Dark Chocolate Silk with Orange and Polenta Bisquits
Silky and rich. We use a specific combination of chocolates to provide a wonderful, sensual experience. The Chocolate Silk is served chilled, topped with sweetened heavy cream, dark chocolate shavings and fresh orange zest. Paired with little texture orange and polenta busquits for the perfect complimentary crunch.

Triple Dark Chocolate Cookies infused with Katya Vineyards Nikolai Premium Red Blend

Milk Chocolate Cookies infused with Katya Vineyards Mikhail Premium Red Blend

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