Reservations at Katya Vineyards

Please enjoy a glass of wine and fill out the form below. Your reservation will be pending until we are able to confirm. Your phone number is required. Registrations must be requested 24 hours in advance. If the same day, please call. We look forward to seeing you at our tasting room.

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday ~ 4:00pm—10:00pm
Wednesday ~ 4:00pm—10:00pm
Thursday ~ 4:00pm—10:00pm
Friday ~ 4:00pm—10:00pm
Saturday ~ 4:00pm—10:00pm

If you prefer to call for reservations during normal business hours, please do.


Private Party Bookings must be done by phone. Private party bookings are available:
Monday & Tuesday – 10am to 10pm / Wednesday thru Saturday – 10am to 2pm.
Sundays – Unavailable.
If you would like to book a private party during normal business hours special arrangements can be made.