It has been a wonderful year and we look forward to sharing many more with our community.

When we first opened our location in downtown Ocala the response was overwhelming, fantastic. On several occasions all seats were taken in our dining areas; we were unable to seat individuals who did not hold reservations for that evening!

Because of your stellar support and response, we’ve opted to expand our tasting room; Katya Vineyards is effectively doubling in size. Construction is currently underway!

In the process of expanding the size of our dining areas, we’ve also opted to upgrade our kitchen area to better accommodate our patrons.

This is an exciting time for us but there is a slight draw back. As we upgrade our kitchen area over the next few weeks, our menu items will be limited. But fear not friends. Executive Chef Tony Deras is hard at work developing menu items that are still scrumptious and incredibly creative. As you can imagine, without the use of our full kitchen during the upgrade there are limits to what can be done.

Executive Chef Deras is anxiously awaiting the exciting changes to come. It will allow him full freedom to take the menu items to the next level when all is complete with wine pairings made in heaven ~ Ocala will never be the same!

We thank you all for supporting us this past year and cannot wait to unveil our expansion.

We are open to all our patrons, old and new. Still pairing wine with delicious gourmet creations. Please see this week’s menu for more information.