White Wines

Winnica Turnau Solaris, 2016 12.5%,  This is definitely another winner for winemaker Zbigniew Turnau. This particular wine is based on the solaris variety, adapted for growing in a cool climate. Its color is delicate, with straw shades. A medium intensity aroma, bringing to mind the scent of lemon, pear and apple. The taste has acidity and subtle sweetness that blends well with each other; white peach, kiwi fruit and vanilla. The depth gives a somewhat oily structure to the wine. The finish is clearand pleasantly refreshing. The wine will work great as an aperitif, as well as a companion of delicate dishes. Well done Zbigniew!

Marek Krojcig, Pradoliny, Province Lubuskie, 11.0%.  Another interesting wine from Marek Krojcig. This particular Riesling from Pradolina, Zielona Góra Region was awarded the ‘excellent quality’ moniker at Górzykowo. Marek uses very specific sustainable methods in his cultivation of his Riesling grapes and uses extended vinification methods, creating a very tame palate with a softness reminiscent of a number of German regions. This particular grape takes well to the terroir and climate of this area near the German border.  A dry Riesling with soft, fruit forward tendencies is a wonderful accompaniment to lighter cheese plates…..or just sipping on the back porch or at the pool on a warm day!

Fresco, Semi-Dry, Warsaw, Poland, 10%.  This is a delightful little wine and is one of many produced in the Fresco line.  When chilled, this wine produces a light, stone fruit taste that would be welcome as a sipping wine on a hot day or with light cheeses / fruit.

Red Wines

Winnica Turnau, Rondo – Regent, 2016, 13%. Zbigniew Turnau, and his cousin Grzegorz, a famous singer, initiated viticulture in 2009 in the mild climate of the Szczecin Lowland. The first red from the Turnau Vineyard is based on two varieties well adapted to the cold climate of Poland – Rondo and Regent. These particular grapes provide a wine with a deep, dark color with a purple tinge. The bouquet is medium-intensive and clearly fruity; cherries, raspberries and delicate fragrances of chocolate or peppers. The taste is velvety, with well-defined tannins and a long finish. This wonderful Polish wine would pair nicely with dishes based on dark sauces, meats and grilled vegetables – basically, most Polish fare!


Marek Krojcig, Regent 2015, Province Lubuskie, 12.5%  First let me say that I have a great respect for the wine makers in Poland. The tough conditions require a good vintner and winemaker to produce anything of quality. The Regent varietal in this tasting was vinified in Górzykowo in the Zielona Góra region near Odra and its tributaries. This particular wine displays an intensive dark red color with moderate acidity and noticeable tannin.  Although not as powerful as you would expect in other wine producing countries (Polish wines are generally lighter and more acidic), it did show aromas of cherries or blackcurrants with a pleasant, if rather light, back palate. This is a good table wine.

Srebrna Góra Kraków, Cuvee rouge 2015, 11.5%,  I had reasonable hopes for this wine due to recommendations received from others.  Although not the best I have tasted while in Poland (due to the higher acidity), it would complement the traditional dish of pork knuckle on cabbage and, possibly, a homemade appetizer of kielbasa with tangy mustard sauce.