Beneath the Cork – A strive to EXCELLENCE in all we do.

In everything that we do, everything we accomplish, we always combine the ‘best of the best’ to assure that your wine tasting experience with us at Sokol Vineyards is above any other experience available. 

As with the carefully selected oak barrels within which we embrace our wines, we are just as discerning with the cork that we insert in our glass bottles.  We desire to work with family-owned cork purveyors with multiple generations of experience and with ‘cutting edge’ technology to assure purity and consistency.

After considerable research and discussions with several top quality producers, our family chose to entrust the family purveyors of Lafitte Cork

Lafitte is a French family with a reputation in the cork industry for supplying the finest product for over four generations. Beginning in France, the company moved its major production site to Northern Portugal in 1956. This allowed them to be directly involved in the selection of fine cork from the most thriving and sustainable cork forests in the world. In 2003, Lafitte purchased a second processing plant in Portugal to meet an increasing demand for quality cork production.

Lafitte Cork has earned the trust of wineries throughout the industry that demand high standards of quality. Lafitte is a founding member of the Cork Quality Council (CQC), which sets stringent standards on corks to be sold in the U.S. market. Since 1995, Lafitte California has operated a state of the art QC laboratory with an ozone-infused moisturizing room to aid in ensuring cork sterility, the first of its kind in the U.S.

Like wine making, cork production is a meticulous art form. Many vital measures are involved in the transformation of cork oak bark into high quality wine cork stoppers. Lafitte is continually striving to improve the quality of their wine cork production using the latest available research.

Our family at Sokol Vineyards will spare no expense to provide a wonderful wine experience for you and your loved ones. We chose Lafitte not only because of their generations of experience, but also for their commitment to be the ‘best of the best.’  We selected their ultra-premium corks, Flower Quality, which are ‘hand selected’ by highly trained analysts of Lafitte. 

Few companies are as focused and driven as Lafitte. A commitment to innovation and quality paired with a generational family approach to business. Their demanding quality standards are measured at each phase of production. They employ advanced testing and measurement techniques. The standard of other cork producers is to ‘test’ the purity of their product by selecting a sample from each batch produced. Lafitte has brought the revolutionary technology of the ELECTVS System to elevation their production standards even higher.  This ELECTVS system provides a scientific method of single cork analysis to ensure the highest level of quality in ultra-premium corks. We at Sokol Vineyards are taking advantage of this inspiring new technology. As we often say “We would not serve you a product that we would not serve to our family first.” Quality is our priority to you, our family of customers. 

From our table to yours…..Na zdravie! [Cheers!]

All videos are used with expressed permission of Lafitte.