As someone in her late twenties I am often asked “What is it like to work with your parents?” When your mother and father become not only your partners in business but also your peers, there is a bit of an adjustment.

Together, we developed the 3 Rules to Peace. Guidelines to thrive together in home and business. Not every day is smooth sailing, we all have responsibilities which can become overwhelming and frustrating. The KEY is to remember that teamwork equals Success.

COUNT TO 3 – We are human. It’s only natural that sometimes we can get frustrated. We can get upset. However, the last thing you want to do is to say something you’ll regret. My mother and I are both very strong willed women. It can be challenging working together when we have a difference of opinion. Count to 3. Deep breath in, then out. Work together and find a solution. Use the people around you as a resource, not a scratching post. More is accomplished and the dinner table less awkward.

REMEMBER THE FISH AND THE TREE – We all know the tale; one should not ask a fish to climb a tree as a measurement of his abilities. The main reason for our success in working together are the individual talents each holds. My father, is the wine maker. My mother, the business mastermind. Myself, marketing/social media. Each has their unique speciality and we rely on those specific talents to make the workflow smooth. I would not ask my father to navigate Hootsuite or the back end of our website as he would not ask me to calculate the chemistry formulae for the next fermentation. We cultivate the talents of each person and thrive in their success.

DRINK THE WINE – Or in other words “Enjoy the Fruits of your Labor”. The hard work and long hours are rewarded when your goal develops into reality. Enjoy it! Take a moment, stand back and feel proud together. Remember all those times you counted to 3? This was why. Touch your glasses and beam in accomplishment…Na zdravie! Then get right back to work!