We always get the question, why a Falcon?
Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.01.36 AMSokol literally translates to Falcon. The name originates from Eastern Europe and can be found in Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia etc. This was an occupational name for those who were falconers. Sokol is our last name. In case you could not tell, we are pretty proud!  We named the family business after the family. The logo plays tribute to our history and heritage.
So, now you know why a bird. But how did we get the one you see today?
In 2010, when we decided to start this grand adventure, David asked his daughter Katherine to try and sketch potential logo ideas. He wanted simple, sleek and recognizable. Katherine, in New York City at the time, was sitting in a coffee shop, on a rainy weekday when David called to ask for draft ideas. She began doodling on a few napkins. Now lets be clear, Katherine was a dancer not a artist! Caught by surprise, she sent a quick picture to her parents. “Something similar to this?” she asked. “Don’t change a thing.” David answered.  Our logo you see today was the image on the coffee stained napkin.