At Sokol Vineyards we spend extensive time considering, comparing, and planning the flavor profile of our wines. Our goal is to bring your tasting experience to a new level. During this ‘labor of love’ we look at all barrel (barrique) options from differing barrel artists (Baronnier/Tonnelière).  The single American Tonnelière we use is the ‘best of the best’. Canton Barrel

Our slow growing and ultra-tight grained American Oak is harvested in Minnesota and built in the heart of Kentucky at Canton Cooperage. We chose to select their Grand Cru Limited Edition barrels which are open air-seasoned for four years. This process of seasoning allows the oak to amplify the personality of the wine without contributing an overt oak character. Canton Cooperage seasons their wood in a specific area called the “The Creek Yard”. It is here, neighboring a stream and shaded by trees, that an ideal microclimate of enzymatic activity allows the oak to develop the exclusive nuances which will translate to the wine.

All oak staves are hand-selected to ensure fine to extra-fine grain and tightness to the wood. The extra-fine grain grants a longer aging period in the barrels. Overall aging time is between 18-24 months depending on the taste profile desired by the winemaker. The fine grain allows the fruit forward accents to subtly emerge by softening and integrating tannins. There is a softer, more round mouth feel for the wine that will glisten in your glass.

Our premium red blends love the texture and silky tannins delivered by this premium barrel; our targeted flavor profile incorporating the essence of this premium wood provides enjoyment in every bottle of this limited edition wine.  Na zdravie! Cheers!