With our Grand Opening just around the corner, we thought is best to share the story of how this adventure began!

cathy kat and mom_Fotor On a chilly October evening 2010, we had a bright idea.

It was my junior year at FSU, I was home visiting for the weekend.  Mom, Dad and I gathered around the fire in our little farm house on the far edge of Ocala. My parents had just reached their retirement, the opportunity for the next chapter had arrived. We toyed with all sorts of ideas. Travel to exotic places. The red Corvette mother always wanted. Perhaps a beach house on the Gulf. Like the wine we were drinking, the ideas kept flowing. Never the type of people to slow down, the conversation quickly shifted towards a new challenge. To my parents, the thought of stopping to relax seemed almost dull. “We need, we want, to DO something.”

So in front of that fire, together, we had a bright idea. A vineyard! Why not? It had always been a dream, why not start now? We poured more wine and continued to plan.

Fast forward 7 yearkyle and dad_Fotors and here we are. Weeks away from opening our doors. A bit wiser, only slightly older, and having the time of our lives. The family has come together to build a legacy. We are here to share our love of wine with our community, our home.