The Family – Our Stories

David Three_FotorDavid is an English Comedy loving, rifle shooting, husband, father, and granddaddy who cares for his vines as if they are family. With both a Masters and Doctorate of Statistics it is advised to never play cards opposite of him. You will not win! His background includes higher education fundraising and private business consulting. Viniculture has been a life long passion and curiosity. Now the dream is real. Working alongside his tiny wife and crazy daughter they are creating a legacy for many generations to come.

Patricia Two_FotorPatricia is beloved by her family as the woman who may easily be lost in a store, she stands only a mighty 5 feet tall!  Armed with both a Masters and Doctorate degree, she rarely looses any discussion around the dinner table. Her background includes being a member of university faculty and the advocation of children. A loving wife, mother and grandmama, Patricia is an exquisite cook. She brings to life family recipes many generations old, filled with love…and of course butter.

Kat Floirda State_Fotor

The youngest Sokol sibling is an East Coast native living in sunny California. “Florida still has the better oranges!” Kat is a Florida State graduate, retired ballerina, world traveler and cat meme enthusiast. Her background in arts administration, customer relations and private finance help in this adventure of a family business! Kat is an avid runner, and loves the outdoors… wine goes rather well with camping! Otherwise you can find her and her honey, Jerry – a handsome California Native, re-watching their favorite sitcom Frasier. For the 7th time. With their puppy Daphne… named after the show of course!

Kyle and Cathy 2Kyle, the middle Sokol sibling, lives with his beautiful wife Cathy, and adorable son Nikolai in the lively city of St. Petersburg, Florida! Kyle and his younger sister Kat help to keep things running smoothly for Sokol Vineyards (Grandma and Granddad still do not get Twitter!) Kyle has a diverse background ranging from being a former Army Officer, special agent, university professor, skateboarder, and bass guitar player. Cathy has a heart for young learners. She is a reading education specialist, has graduate degrees in education and psychology, and is also a published children’s book author! Future minds are in very good hands! Their son Nikolai, or “Neeks the Cheeks” as he is lovingly called, is a fire-cracker-adventurer. Niko loves to sail the Tampa Bay with Mom and Dad on their sailboat “Niko’s Journey.”  He can also be found with Grandaddy Sokol in the winery… supervising of course!

Shane and MarieShane, the eldest Sokol sibling, with his wife Marie, and delightful daughter Piper live in the historic town of Charleston, SC. Shane is the CEO and Equity analyst of his own small financial firm, with a pilots license in his back pocket! Marie is a local actress, avid runner and entering the world of private insurance like a rockstar. Their daughter Piper Riley (yep, named after the plane!) is a tiara wearing animal lover who loves visiting the beach weekly with Mom and Dad.